Travel enriches your life experience, makes you a better person, and improves your life story. If you have nothing to look forward to, make travel plans. If your life seems thin on anecdote, make travel plans. If you have no idea what to do with your life, make travel plans. Travel and travel and travel, my friends.

When we travel, our eyes see landscapes they've never seen before. Our ears hear languages and birds and civil sounds they've never heard before. Our skin feels damp or dry or hot or cold in ways it's never felt before. Our brains come to know the chemical triumph of conquering subway systems and bus routes that are arguably unfathomable. Travel exposes us to difference. Exposure to difference makes us smarter, more grateful for what we have, and more aspirational for what we don't have.

I had a pre-midlife crisis an undisclosed number of years ago during which I realized I had spent most of my vacation time and a stupid portion of my limited discretionary income going to Burning Man, and not seeing other parts of the world. I decided to prioritize travel, and learned how easy it is to get places if you pay a little attention, and how great the reward is if you make a little effort.

I've seen most of the West Coast of the US (plus Hawaii), a tiny amount of the rest of this giant country, and also visited France, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Iceland, and Turkey.

I want to go almost everywhere.

I occasionally contribute travel reviews to TripAdvisor.